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The psychology of “appearance anxiety” has become a topic of concern and heated discussion recently

“Appearance anxiety” refers to a person’s anxiety caused by the lack of confidence in his or her appearance. This vocabulary is often discussed with a certain popular event, a certain film, television drama, or even a something mentioned in the media. People often pursue exquisite facial features, perfect skin, and a body with perfect proportions. Different aesthetics are often regarded as heterogeneous.

However, aesthetics should be diverse rather than defined. Everyone’s aesthetic standards are different, and they all contain unique tastes. People’s features are different and that is what makes them an individual. It is all personal preference similar to how some prefer rainy days to clear skies, have favorite colors, or enjoy being in the city or outdoors.

It is proven that better appearances is more likely to make others feel good, but this kind of goodwill is short-lived and does not have much practical effect. To gain true respect, one must have upright character, good cultivation, and proper language expression, which can only be obtained through long-term accumulation. After having a reasonable understanding of the importance of appearance, “appearance anxiety” can also be relieved. If you can set your mindset correctly, you can find true value and happiness through who you genuinely are.

There is nothing wrong with paying attention to appearance, but there is no need for anxiety. Appearance is only a small part of a person, and inside is the real source of their appearance. Instead of paying too much attention to one’s beauty, it is better to spend time and energy on inner enrichment. The famous French thinker, writer, and philosopher Voltaire once said, “The beauty of the outside can only please the eyes of people, but the beauty of the inside can infect the soul.” True beauty is not on the delicate face, but in the rich “scent” that radiates from the depths of the soul.

Songzi Li/Editing Manager


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