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The Most Comprehensive Safety Considerations for Studying in The US

Although there are many famous schools, experienced faculties, and prestigious curriculums; the increasingly frequency of dangerous events in recent years have become a topic of concern for parents and students.

US Study Safety Precautions – Accommodation

1. It is best for freshmen that study in the United States to choose a school dormitory. Relatively speaking, the school’s accommodation environment is safer than the campus apartments.

2. If there is any emergency, such as physical discomfort or theft, you can call the emergency contact desk to call the campus police.

3. If you want to live off campus, evaluate the neighborhood. Some areas surrounding your university may not be conducive towards your safety.

4. Don’t share with strangers or unfamiliar people (whether Chinese or foreigners). Sharing with strangers can cause unnecessarily stressful working environments but is also dangerous.

5. Regardless of the accommodation or renting a house, you must pay attention to safety procedures in order to know in advance how to use the fire extinguisher, the locations of the emergency exits and the escape route.

US study safety precautions – travel

1. avoid going to crowded entertainment venues alone. People within noisy environments are prone to violent incidents such as physical conflicts.

2. Try not to go out alone at night, go out late at night in China or the United States. Many unfamiliar areas can become unsafe.

3. Don’t ride with a stranger or a passenger who you are not familiar with. Many people think that a ride may be harmless but remain vigilant and try to be euphemistically rejected.

4. If you are involved in police examination, you must be compliant, there is no reason to try to argue or try to escape.

5. Do not carry expensive jewelry or valuables. Also refrain from carrying too much cash.

6. If you go to a lot of entertainment venues such as bars, it is best to be accompanied by friends. Sitting alone or with small number of friends can attract unnecessary harassment.

US study safety precautions – diet

1. Do not drink alcohol in public. The United States has strict control over alcoholic beverages. Drinking roadside, in shopping malls, etc. can lead to detainment.

2. If you are of the legal age, you must also understand the local laws and places where smoking is allowed. Minors can’t smoke or they may be sent back to the country.

3. Marijuana is legalized in certain parts of the United States and there are many places where marijuana is becoming more legal. Therefore, students who study in the United States must pay attention to distinguishing between right and wrong and staying away from drugs.

4. Don’t accept strangers’ drinks or food, which is the most basic behavior responsibility for your own personal safety.

US study safety precautions – other

1. Pay attention to important documents such as passports, visas, social security cards, bank cards, etc.

2. Make friends carefully, don’t meet with netizens alone, don’t give strangers your address or other safety information, and girls who fall in love should possess a minimum sense of self-protection.

3. Don’t post threatening words in social media. This can lead to several severe repercussions.

4. Refrain from pornography, 50 states in the United States have strict control over the pornographic information of minors, and students studying in American high schools need to pay special attention. (Repatriation)

5. Study laws and customs before going to the United States to study. The most important thing is to learn local laws and customs to understand what is allowed and prohibited.

How to interpret police interactions

Because there are also some unscrupulous elements disguised as police deception or other illegal acts, here is the method of identification.

1. American police cars are generally Ford Crown Victoria sedan, Chevy Impala Sedan, Chevy Tahoe SUV and Dodge Charger.

2. Reflective signs on both sides of the police car, red and blue warning lights and special license plates

3. You can ask to see the other party’s badge and documentation; you can also ask other police officers to check via 911.

by Songzi Li
/ Editing Manager Translation by Philip Park


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