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AP: Wildfires rage as US West grapples with heat wave, drought

Firefighters were working in extreme temperatures across the U.S. West and struggling to contain wildfires, the largest burning in California and Oregon,...

NPR: The Deadly Heat Wave Is Triggering Dozens Of Wildfires In Western Canada

The entire village of Lytton in Canada's province of British Columbia was evacuatedafter a wildfire quickly took over the small town Wednesday.

NPR: ‘I Don’t Think Science Knows’: Visiting Fires, Trump Denies Climate Change

With wildfires devastating the West and a hurricane bearing down on the Gulf Coast, President Trump, who has for years mocked and denied the reality of...

Reuters: ‘Everything is gone’: wildfires torch hundreds of homes in U.S. West

Around half a million people in Oregon were under evacuation alerts on Friday, with residents of its largest city told to...

BBC: US West Coast wildfires: Nearly 100 fires run rampant

Western US states are battling nearly 100 wildfires that have caused at least seven deaths, displaced thousands and destroyed whole towns.

BBC: Over 1,000 animals rescued from the deadly wildfires

A team of veterinarians from University of California Davis have treated over 1,000 animals rescued from the wildfires raging in northern California.
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