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BBC: Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson officially become Greek citizens

American movie stars Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson have officially become citizens of Greece, the country's prime minister has announced.

NPR: World War II Naval Drama ‘Greyhound’ Charts A Trim, Efficient Course

One is tempted to reach for the word avuncular here, but that doesn't quite pin it down. He's not America's Uncle, after all, he's...

AP: Hanks, who survived COVID-19, calls graduates ‘the chosen’

Tom Hanks says graduates of an Ohio university that named a film center after him are “the chosen ones.”
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[Illinois] Art @ the Y

Art @ the Y Presents Azuki!  Kofi Bazzell-Smith: Manga As A Bridge Between Cultures

New global map of ant biodiversity reveals areas that may hide undiscovered species

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REUTERS: Suspected drones over Taiwan, cyber attacks after Pelosi visit

Suspected drones flew over outlying Taiwanese islands and hackers attacked its defence ministry website, authorities in Taipei said on Thursday, a day...