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‘Pressing Issues’ at Krannert Art Museum shows WPA printmakers’ thoughts on social justice

CHAMPAIGN, Ill. — Printmakers employed by the Works Progress Administration in the 1930s created images that dealt with issues of labor unrest,...


Fifty-seven years ago today, the historic March on Washington held our nation to account for its history of racism and racial injustice....

VOA: What Is ‘White Privilege’ and Whom Does It Help?

Following the death in May of black American George Floyd after he was restrained by police in Minneapolis, the national conversation in...

Music + social justice: ‘Seven Last Words of the Unarmed’ project adds educational resources

Michael Brown. Trayvon Martin. Oscar Grant. Eric Garner. Kenneth Chamberlain. Amadou Diallo. John Crawford.
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NPR: ‘How Fast Did T. rex Run?’ and other questions about dinosaurs examined in new book

What color were the dinosaurs? Watching the Jurassic Park movies, the answer seems clear: gray, brown or, at best, dull green.

Scientists identify key mechanism controlling skin regeneration

It’s sunburn season. Many of us have experienced the pain and peeling that comes from unprotected time in the sun, but we...


For millennia, giant sequoias – the largest trees on Earth – have resisted and relied on fire. But today's wildfires are far...

Study looks at food-buying behavior during different stages of the COVID-19 pandemic

CHAMPAIGN, Ill. — A new study examines how Americans acquired food at various points during the COVID-19 pandemic, and how those activities changed over...