Pioneering chemist Professor Dame Carol Robinson to present Jefferson Lecture, May 2

NPR: What happens when you combine science, detective work and art? You reveal history

What happens when you combine detective skills with art history and then throw in a good chunk of science?

VOA: STEM Jobs Lead List of Fastest-Growing Occupations

The number of STEM jobs — science, technology, engineering and mathematics — have sped past the number of non-STEM jobs by three times since 2000. 

How does science work?

In his new book, Professor Dashun Wang, an award-winning scientist at the Kellogg School of Management, illuminates the “science of science,” an emerging...

Safe busing during COVID-19: The science behind U-M’s changes

In an effort to design a safe campus bus system for the fall semester in light of COVID-19, University of Michigan researchers...

NPR: Why Remote Work Sucks, According To Science

Like a decent chunk of the American workforce, Planet Money is now working remotely. Every morning, we have an all-staff video conference on GoToMeeting....

VOA: How Can a Virus Make Some People Sicker Than Others?

VOA explains how a virus can give one person mild symptoms while another person experiences more accute symptoms. It's all about science.
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BBC: Lucía Freitas: The star chef of Santiago de Compostela

Now that the Galician chef has glimpsed an existence that is about more than just work, she won't go back. "To be...

Producers and consumers must share burden of global plastic packaging waste

URBANA, Ill. – Plastic packaging waste is everywhere. Our plastic bottles, food wrappings, and grocery bags litter the landscape and pollute the...

Considering a nation without Roe v. Wade

A leaked U.S. Supreme court draft opinion suggests that the court is on the verge of overturning the landmark Roe v. Wade...

NCSA Awards 2022 Fiddler Innovation Fellowship

The National Center for Supercomputing Applications is proud to announce Gabe Tavas as the latest recipient of the $10,000 Fiddler Innovation Fellowship for developing...