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BBC: Teh tarik: Malaysia’s frothy ‘national drink’

Mixing Indian, Chinese and British influences, teh tarik embodies Malaysia in a glass and has long helped bring the diverse nation together.

AP: Primate monkeys around with student’s phone, takes selfies

A Malaysian student whose cellphone was stolen while he was sleeping has tracked down the culprit: a monkey who took photo...

VOA: Pandemic Leads to Increasing Numbers of Abandoned Pets in Malaysia

Laying on her back with legs curled, Snowy, a one-year-old white mixed-breed dog, enjoys a nice rub down. Sisters Santhia and Kaushalya...

CNN: Every Sumatran rhino has died in Malaysia. Scientists want to bring them back with cloning technology

Iman, the last Sumatran rhino in Malaysia, died last November -- bringing the endangered species one step closer to extinction.
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COVID mortality age patterns changed significantly during pandemic

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VOA: Burkini Disputes Resurface in Southwestern France

A simmering controversy over burkinis — a type of head-to-toe swimsuit favored by conservative Muslim women — has roared back to life...

CNN: How to get a reference when you’re new to the job market

You’ve made it through the interviews and now a potential employer is asking for references.  But if you’re a recent graduate who doesn’t have a...