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Study abroad, an option that has changed

During the past winter holiday, Qin Xuan, a senior high school student in Hangzhou, was busy applying to foreign universities. In Qin Xuan’s view, the past year had many ups and downs. For example, the TOEFL online test, he had taken eight times this year.

Meanwhile, senior teachers in the international high school circle have discovered that students and their parents are becoming more cautious in their decision of studying abroad and choosing destinations.

Qin Xuan’s academic performance was excellent since he was a child. ” After I went to high school, I found out that many junior high school students went to international schools or attended international classes, and some high school students also chose to study abroad.” Influenced by those students, he pursued his own dream of studying abroad and transferred to an international class.

Because he likes mathematics, Qin Xuan hopes to study mathematics at a top-ranked foreign university in the future. But he did not expect that the road to studying abroad would be filled with twists and turns.

Due to the pandemic, Qin Xuan suffered multiple blows such as the interruption of mathematics competitions, the inability to participate in the summer school, the continuous cancellation of the TOEFL offline test and the SAT test, and so on.

“Not only me, but the whole family was anxious.” Qin Xuan clearly remembered that in the first half of 2020.

Qin Xuan is just a typical example of this group. Many students who want to study abroad have had the same experience as him.

What made Qin Xuan’s mother happy was that her son matured during the application process and he became more responsible. He also had more thoughts about the purpose of studying abroad and the content of study.

“Achievement is very important, but it is not the only evaluation criterion; the purpose of studying abroad is also very important, and you cannot blindly follow the trend. If you see the international trend, studying abroad must be closely linked to your future career goals.”

Songzi Li/Editing Manager


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