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Safety Is Always the Top Priority for International Students

As a large number of international students come to the United States to study abroad, the security incidents involving international students in recent years have also occurred frequently. Safety is the primary prerequisite for successful study abroad. Students should not neglect the safety of studying abroad while studying in a colorful life. In fact, strengthening self-defense awareness, learning to understand the necessary safety knowledge, and improving the ability to avoid danger and respond to unexpected situations can effectively reduce the chance of a safety accident. Here are some safety tips for our international readers.

1. The security of documents and property

Freshmen need to open a bank account as early as possible, and do not leave a large amount of cash in the residence. Just carry a small amount of cash as emergency, and use credit card as much as possible. Do not put your passport or wallet in a prominent position or outer pocket, and do not place it in a place with other valuables to avoid possible losses.

Remember, the passport home page and visa page should be reserved for backup, and the photo should be kept in electronic format for emergency use.

2. The safety of residence

Please pay attention to the security situation of the place of residence. Never rent a house is just for cheap.

The security situation in different regions of the United States often varies significantly. It is recommended to pay close attention to the security situation in the area where the residence is located. The dormitory provided by the school is usually safer. In areas where the renting house is preferred and the traffic is convenient, you can ask friends and teachers who are familiar with the local situation. It should be noted that some houses are cheaper because they are in a relatively high crime rate area. Students can consider various factors when renting a house.

3. Personal safety

Avoid going to poor security areas, not going out late at night

Public security on the US campus is usually good, but not necessarily around the school. It is recommended that students learn about the local public security situation in advance and improve their safety awareness. They should not go to the quiet neighborhoods and avoid the poor security roads. Midnight is a high-risk period for crimes such as burglary and harassment, and should be avoided in the middle of the night. Female students need to pay special attention to safety. If they leave the classroom late at night, return to the dormitory in the laboratory, etc., they must go hand in hand or contact the school police to escort, not to take a stranger’s vehicle.

In addition, it is necessary for students to pay attention to the local security situation and raise awareness of vicious public security incidents such as shooting and avoiding the need to avoid going to crowd gathering areas.

4. Traffic safety

Be responsible for yourself and others, don’t take life to joke

Traffic accidents are the most common security threats, and they cannot be overemphasized. Most of the traffic accidents involving students studying abroad are handled by the Consulate General every year. Most of them are accidental, causing personal injury and property damage to themselves and others, and even paying the price of life.

Students should remember: be sure to study and familiarize with local regulations and get a driver’s license to go on the road. Do not drunk driving, do not fatigue driving, do not overspeed. Take a seat belt whether you are driving or riding. When driving in the police car, when you whistle in the rear, you must immediately stop and wait for the police to come to handle it. If you cannot escape if you encounter an accident, you should contact the insurance company immediately. Pedestrians must cross the road and obey the traffic lights and do not cross the road.

5. Beware of telecommunications fraud

In recent years, in response to the high incidence of telecommunications fraud in Chinese citizens in the United States, criminals often impersonate Chinese embassies, consulates, banks, express companies, hydropower companies and other units to deceive, many foreign students are fooled. Fraudsters often use a voice recorder to randomly dial a phishing phone to find a target, induce the person to connect to the manual service, and then lie to the person to be involved in a “criminal case” and gradually collect personal information, accounts and other information until the transfer is requested.

To prevent telecom fraud, keep in mind: pick up the phone, if it is a recording call, you can judge it is a fraudulent phone, you should hang up without hesitation! Anyone who asks for personal bank account information on the phone or asks for a transfer and remittance is a fraudulent phone call, and should hang up without hesitation! Pay attention to the phone calls from Chinese embassies and consulates, banks, express delivery companies, and relevant US government agencies. Don’t reveal important personal information on the phone you received! Don’t even transfer money without remittance! ! !

6. Emergency help dial 911

The emergency alarm numbers for crime alarms, fires, and first aid in the United States are all “911.” All calls to 911 are free. It is recommended that students put the emergency contact number of the school and the number of the police station near the residence to the mobile phone for emergency use.

In particular, the students are reminded to inform their family members of their telephones, roommates, teachers and other people’s emergency contact information to ensure that their family members can contact them in time.

The road to study abroad is long and safety is the key. I wish the students to study abroad safe and smooth, academic success!

Songzi Li/ Editing Manager


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