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Please Be Responsible for Your Pets That Accompany You While Studying Abroad

Many international students choose to have pets in order to relieve some of the loneliness while studying aboard. The first thing you have to consider when having a pet is the relevant regulations of your place of residence. Some universities do not allow small animals to be kept in dormitories. Some other universities have different rules for dormitory buildings, but most often do not advocate pets in student dormitories. If students do not live in campus dormitories and choose to rent separately, the regulations are less restrictive, but while complying with the regulations in the building, it is also necessary to consider roommates and neighbors.

Similarly, if you can’t provide pets with a larger living space or don’t have enough time to give them attention, it is recommended not to raise dogs because they require a lot of exercise. In contrast, animals such as cats or hamsters are a better choice, or simply raise a goldfish.

Many countries have very detailed animal protection laws, which not only protect the welfare of animals, but also require owners to take responsibility for animals and society.

In the United States, there are very detailed regulations for domestic animals and stray animals. For example, keeping a dog requires an application process and registration. If a dog runs on the street or enters someone else’s property without authorization, it can be “arrested” by the police and the owner must claim it within a certain time limit. If the time limit is exceeded, the police department will place the animal in the care of another. In Australia, it is illegal to abandon domestic animals, and the shelter will take in those homeless animals. If people want to go to the shelter to adopt a pet, they need to make an appointment and line up in advance to get their favorite pet.

In terms of public order, many countries have also made regulations on the responsibilities of the owner. For example, the United States stipulates that the cost of keeping dogs for observation after biting others shall be borne by the owner; Finland stipulates that if the dog causes great disturbance to neighbors, it will be resolved by the committee of the residential building. In addition, the owner must vaccinate the pet. If a violent incident occurs, the dog may also be put down; Italy stipulates that pets have the right to enjoy the most basic rights, including regular exchanges with similar species, and requirements for breeding offspring; Germany pays more attention to the education of pets, including obedience training, adaptability, and partner training, etc.

In conclusion, please remember that pets come with many responsibilities and will require lots of time and attention.

Songzi Li/Editing Manager


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