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Citron: The exquisite fruit that brings rabbis

Every summer, in preparation for the Jewish holiday of Sukkot, Hasidic rabbis from all over the world travel to the northern part...

CNN: Tornado threat ramps up as storm damage reported in Oklahoma and Texas and blizzard conditions mount in the northern Plains

Severe storms – with reports of at least one tornado and damaging winds – are raking parts of Oklahoma and Texas, leaving...

BBC: Four health-conscious cities putting pedestrians first

When the initial wave of Covid prevented indoor gatherings in most countries around the world, many cities responded by quickly reimagining what...

CNN: What travel warnings do other nations give their citizens about US violence?

American travelers -- at least those of the cautious variety -- might be familiar with the US State Department's travel advisories.

BBC: Zimbabwe’s stunning 80km safari train

We rattled out of Dete Station towards the north-eastern boundary of Zimbabwe's Hwange National Park, an eager dozen – nine tourists, two...

REUTERS: NATO allies wake up to Russian supremacy in the region

The world’s largest satellite ground station, on the Svalbard archipelago off Norway, is used by Western space agencies to gather vital signals...

BBC: Bataireacht: The ancient Irish martial art making a comeback

It all but disappeared in the late 1800s, but Irish stick fighting – which was used to rebel against the occupying British...

BBC: Turf houses: Iceland’s original ‘green’ buildings

Known as "torfbæir", these ingeniously designed homes helped settle one of Europe's least-hospitable environments.

BBC: Sardinia’s mysterious beehive towers

More than 7,000 Bronze Age skyscrapers once dotted this Italian island. Now, new discoveries are shining light on Sardinia's Nuragic civilisation.

BBC: Israel’s transformative desert retreat

Set deep in the heart of the Negev desert in southern Israel, a small community is inviting travellers to connect with nature...

BBC: Portugal’s mysterious ‘birthing stones’

In northern Portugal, a geological phenomenon has baffled scientists for decades: the rare Pedras Parideiras, or "Birthing Stones", which appear to miraculously...

BBC: Mexico’s 1,500-year-old unknown pyramids

Built by indigenous masons, these 1,500-year-old pyramids are still standing strong, held together by sticky juice from the prickly pear cactus.


[Urbana] FRESH Teen Hangout Zone

Friday, February 24, 3:30-6 pmAt Phillips Recreation Center: 505 W Stoughton Urbana, IL 61801Grades 6-12 Urbana Park District is...


Join the the University YMCA, Diversity & Social Justice Education, & local community organization for an Open House this Thursday!

[Urbana] Come see the best in local photography on display February 4 – 12

The winners in the Best in Show Photographic Print Competition will be on display at Lincoln Square February 4  - 12.

[Illinois] Student Engagement and Leadership Development (SELD) Internship 

SELD interns play a pivotal role in supporting student-focused and student-centered work at the University YMCA. After successful completion of the internship,...