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Drew Weissman and Katalin Karikó receive 2021 Lasker Award

Weissman and Karikó’s mRNA technology is recognized for enabling rapid development of highly effective COVID-19 vaccines.

Surprise study finds primate neurons have fewer synapses than mice in visual cortex

Primates are generally considered “smarter” than mice. But in a surprising finding, neuroscience researchers at the University of Chicago and Argonne National...

Rethinking resilience in the face of climate change

Hurricane Ida brought record-breaking rainfall and flooding, and stronger, more destructive storms will inevitably come. Being better prepared will require reconsidering how...

Barron discusses broad impact of Penn State research for trustees

From detecting subatomic particles that usher in new discoveries in astrophysics at the South Pole to driving economic development in communities across Pennsylvania, Penn...


UD undergraduate continues biomechanics research

XR technology ‘brings’ conference participants to iconic U-M space

Amid the congenial and casual conversation one might expect during the social hour of a conference, one attendee came up to Jeremy Nelson,...

Earless worms ‘listen’ through their skin

A species of roundworm that is widely used in biological research can sense and respond to sound, despite having no ear-like organs,...

QuSTEAM initiative awarded $5 million from NSF to advance quantum science education

Chicago Quantum Exchange a partner in multi-institutional effort to build quantum workforce


UD Prof. Mark Blenner receives prestigious Young Investigator Award

New ALMA study reveals the many molecular faces of protoplanetary disks

An international group of scientists, including University of Michigan astronomers, has mapped the chemical composition of protoplanetary disks surrounding five nearby young...

Perfect pitch, explained

Perfect pitch refers to a person’s ability to identify any musical note by name after hearing it, without reference to other notes....

A gene that controls the severity of colon cancer

Regulatory T cells (TReg) are essential to regulating the immune system. However, there are several different types of TReg cells, and scientists are...


Urbana Park District hiring head coach and assistant coach for Tiger Sharks swim team!

Urbana Park District is hiring one head coach and an assistant coach for the year-round Tiger Shark swim team. The...

[Champaign] Halloween Masquerade Car Parade and Trunk or Treat on October 27!

We're excited to join with Champaign Park District and Marketplace Mall for this new event. The Halloween Masquerade Car Parade and Trunk...

It’s the Great C-U Pumpkin Hunt, 2021!

ALL OCTOBER You can hunt for pumpkins all over Champaign and Urbana this October during the Great Pumpkin Hunt.

[Champaign] Police Search For Killer Of Champaign Teenager

CHAMPAIGN – Police in Champaign are still searching for the person who shot and killed a Centennial High School student.