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App helps preemie parents feel confident caring for their newborns

Parents of premature babies in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) receive a dizzying amount of information about their baby’s changing weight,...

COVID-19, global shipping, AI, local news and film: Northwestern experts weigh in on the year ahead

After a year filled with unprecedented challenge and uncertainty, can the lessons of 2021 prepare us for a more stable year ahead?...

Northwestern Qatar launches new Global South institute

Northwestern University in Qatar (NUQ) has launched a new research institute focused on the Global South, dean and CEO Marwan M. Kraidy...

Secondary structures in DNA are associated with cancer

A new cancer study reports that DNA manifested as knot-like folds and third rungs between DNA’s two strands may drive cancer development...

Northwestern student film incubator tackles mental health portrayals in media

With a $1 million grant from the Pritzker Pucker Family Foundation and Jessy Pucker ’19, Northwestern University School of Communication has launched...

Machine learning used to predict synthesis of complex novel materials

AI presents a roadmap to define new materials for any need, with implications in green energy and waste reduction

Northwestern professor helms return of ‘A Christmas Carol’ to the stage

Eight Northwestern theatre makers are showcased in 44-year-old Chicago holiday tradition

‘Kids’ mental health suffering has become impossible to ignore’

The U.S. Surgeon General published a rare report Dec. 7 warning of a mental health crisis among young people caused in part...

A Site of Struggle: American Art against Anti-Black Violence’ debuts at the Block Museum of Art Jan. 26

A new exhibition will explore the various ways American artists have grappled with anti-Black violence over the past 100 years.

Boosters increase protection over full vaccine dose

Protection may last longer after COVID-19 booster than after second vaccine dose

Human Proteoform Project to map proteins in human body

Now that the Human Genome Project has officially wrapped, an international team of researchers will map the entire collection of proteins in...

Neurobiologists identify a new gene important for healthy daily rhythms

Life is organized on a 24-hour schedule. Central to this regular rhythm is the circadian clock, timekeepers that are present in virtually...


[Urbana] Sign up for fall youth soccer!

Special discount if you sign up by August 8. More information, including how to register, at: https://bit.ly/3oAfPiA

[Urbana] Outdoor Free Fitness in the Park

Are you looking for ways to stay fit and active this summer? Check out our FREE outdoor fitness programs that you can enjoy all...

[Urbana] Crystal Lake Park Art Fair

Saturday August 6, 10 am - 4 pmBetween Crystal Lake Park Family Aquatic Center and Anita Purves Nature Center (1505 N Broadway)


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