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Accepting college entrance examination results, American universities open doors for Chinese students

Recently, Auburn University, University of Dayton, University of the Pacific, University of the Pacific, Adelphi University and some other American universities announced that they will accept Chinese students to apply for undergraduate courses in American universities, which means that candidates can pass a college entrance examination to obtain two admission certificates from China and the United States, and can quickly enter the world’s top universities.

The competition for the college entrance examination in 2020 is fierce, and the number of applicants hit a record high of 10.71 million. For some candidates who is not satisfied with the result of the college entrance examination or are considering applying for foreign universities through the college entrance examination results, it is undoubtedly more effective to plan to study abroad in advance.

American News International Education Chairman Tom Dretler said: “American universities welcome Chinese students to study here. There are abundant educational resources here. Among the top 100 universities in the world, there are 50 American universities.” “In the field of education, from the perspective of the overall framework of cooperation, the dialogue between China and the United States is still in a very healthy environment. Educational exchanges between the two countries are very important and can even solve many problems in international relations. We hope that Chinese students can build a bridge between China and the world.”

It is reported that Auburn University, University of Dayton, University of the Pacific, Adelphi University and some other universities accept college entrance examination scores and English scores to apply for their undergraduate program. University applicants also have the opportunity to receive a scholarship of up to $15,000 for the college entrance examination. Among them, English scores reach 110 points (Jiangsu 88 points), college entrance examination total scores reach the local second-line liberal arts and sciences of the source province, can apply for the international first-year AAP (2 semesters); English scores reach 105 points (Jiangsu 84 points), and the total score of the college entrance examination is higher than the second line of the local liberal arts and sciences in the province where the students come from. You can study the International First Year EAP (3 semesters). If students fail the English college entrance examination, they can also apply for the school’s internal examination. According to the principle of “cross-competition application”, candidates’ college entrance examination results can be the best and can substitute for each other.

In addition to the traditional fall admissions application, many American universities also offer spring admissions and summer admissions options. Especially for those students who have unsatisfactory results in the college entrance examination and decide to go abroad temporarily, compared with repeating one year, choosing spring admission can greatly reduce the blank time.

Regarding the visa issue, Tom Dretler said: “F visa, M visa, and elective practice policies for international students studying in the United States have no effect. American visas are opening up appointments one by one. This year some Students have gone to the United States for appointments. Visas are issued. I believe it will gradually open in the future.”

During the epidemic, American universities will also implement flexible enrollment measures. It is estimated that 61% of colleges and universities will provide online teaching, and 16% plan to use blended teaching. Among them, the University of South Carolina, the University of Dayton and the University of Massachusetts Amherst have all opened some online courses to help students weather the epidemic and adopt a mixed teaching model. After the epidemic, students can still go there. Complete follow-up courses on campus. At the same time, the American college credit essential express initiated by Boston University in Massachusetts and some American colleges have accepted credits in advance through other college course transfer programs.

Tom Dretler believes that the reason why American universities have preferential enrollment policies for Chinese students is that the United States has always been the preferred destination for Chinese students (currently 350,000 Chinese students are studying in the United States), and those Universities that are eager to attract outstanding international students will take various measures to make their admissions policies more responsive to the needs of these students. “

Professor Bill Durden of Johns Hopkins University said: “Education is the key to strengthening communication and understanding between different countries. We are very supportive. As long as young people have the opportunity and conditions, they should leave some time in the growth process to look internationally. At first glance, young people with an understanding of their own national culture can explore global affairs in depth, and then they can exert their own strength to help China’s development and progress promote the peaceful development of the world, and make China’s historic contribution to building a community with a shared future for mankind.

American education focuses on cultivating the balance between the breadth of students’ knowledge and subjects, and the teacher resources are sufficient. American universities have a relatively high teacher-student ratio and are more targeted for student training. According to previous data, the United States has always been the “preferred destination country for studying abroad” for Chinese students among the choices of countries for studying abroad.

Songzi Li
/Editing Manager


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