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5 TIPs Make Your EMBA Exam Pasted Smoother

In recent years, the number of EMBA applicants has increased significantly. With some details, you can pass the exam more smoothly.

First, the in-service MBA test admission process

1. Candidates should enter the venue 10-20 minutes before the test, without or with the communication equipment such as mobile phones. Watches and other regulations to see the test sites, because most of the test sites have a clock, the invigilator will also remind the rest of the time, so in order to avoid unnecessary trouble, you can not.

2. There will be two or three invigilators in the examination room to maintain the order of the examination room. When the candidates enter the examination room, the invigilator will check the candidates’ information one by one. What you have to do is to cooperate with the teacher’s verification, and then check whether the information is correct. Finally, you can sign the name.

3, find your own seat, put the answering tools, documents, etc. on the desktop, put your mind to wait for the exam to begin. At the beginning of the exam, the broadcast will have a test reminder, and then the invigilator will announce the start of the answer.

Second, the in-service MBA exam precautions

1. The admission ticket is barcoded. Place the barcode you received correctly in the middle black concentration area on the admission ticket. Remember to put a one-time sticker in place, do not repeatedly tear and restick, the barcode is very strong, and it is torn off accidentally. There are two barcodes, one rectangle, one ellipse, and you can see the two posts in time.

2. 0.5 black water-based pen. This model complies with the computer scanning regulations and does not affect the reading experience too thick or too fine. Don’t paint the paintings when you answer the questions. You can’t use the correction fluid. If you think about it, you can make a stroke and keep it clean.

3. Answer in the specified answer area. Each part of the answer sheet is marked with a question number. Be sure to read the question number and do not write the wrong position.

Third, the in-service MBA test time rhythm

15 minutes from the end of the exam, the teacher will remind everyone, remember to leave the time to answer the answer card, do not have time to apply the answer card, the invigilator will not wait for you!

Unpacking and sealing the test envelope (no envelope is required for public classes, and envelopes for professional classes).

Fourth, continue to give confidence to yourself in the process of answering the MBA exam

When answering questions in the examination room, you also need to master certain skills. Most students will be very nervous after getting the test paper. So don’t expect all the questions to be made as soon as they come up. It is normal to have problems that are not. When we are doing the answer, we can put it down first, and let the meeting do it first. During the examination, you must constantly give yourself confidence and believe that you can answer most of the questions in a complete manner. If you can’t meet the problem, you will give yourself a negative psychological suggestion, and the result will be unsatisfactory.

In the examination room, many students saw the questions they would not have, and skipped the whole question directly. In fact, sometimes, some of the questions in these questions can be scored. Therefore, we must carefully analyze each question and take down any small points that we can win.

V. On-the-job MBA exams

The writing must be neatly done during the exam. Many of the students’ questions have not been considered clearly and they have written a large-scale answer directly on the answer sheet. Later, after discovering that they made a mistake, they directly smashed the whole article. Undoubtedly, this will not only take up our limited answer space, but also affect our volume. The time for reading the teacher is also limited. You can’t find the answer you corrected later in a messy handwriting. Therefore, we must consider the key points before answering the questions, and then write the answers according to logic.

Songzi Li/ Editing Manager


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