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10 tips from the embassy to remind international students to continue strengthening epidemic prevention

As the weather turns colder and the flu season arrives, many parts of the United States have ushered in a “surging tide” of cases in autumn and winter. Some colleges and universities have also spread cases of varying scales. Overseas students still face greater risks in terms of health and personal safety.

Recently, the Chinese Consulate General in San Francisco and the Consulate General in New York reminded students to continue to be vigilant, increase awareness of epidemic prevention and social responsibility, avoid paralysis of thoughts and fluke mentality, earnestly protect themselves, maintain a positive and optimistic attitude, and face adversity keep growing.

1. Attach great importance to the development of the epidemic

At present, all states and schools have issued strict epidemic prevention and control measures, and some students have been expelled and other severe punishments for violating the school’s epidemic prevention regulations. Students studying abroad are requested to pay close attention to the epidemic situation and protective measures issued by the local government’s health and epidemic prevention department and the school, strictly abide by relevant regulations, earnestly protect themselves, wear masks, wash hands frequently, disinfect frequently, and maintain a safe social distance.

2. Minimize unnecessary outings

Public holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas are approaching. During the epidemic, it is recommended to stay in the local area, strictly abide by the school’s travel regulations, avoid long-distance travel, and reduce the use of closed public transportation. Do not go to crowded places, do not participate in dinner parties. Reasonably select online shopping channels based on local conditions, reduce the frequency of offline supermarket shopping, and reduce the risk of cross-infection.

3. See a doctor promptly for suspected symptoms

If you have suspected symptoms such as fever, cough, and difficulty breathing, especially if you have recently traveled to a severely affected area or have close contact with a confirmed person, please promptly seek medical assistance from the school hospital or local hospital in accordance with the school’s new Covid-19 guidelines. If necessary, you can consult domestic professionals through the remote diagnosis and treatment platform.

4.  Enhance safety awareness

“Our common enemy is viruses, not people.” In the event of unfriendly discrimination and offensive words and deeds, we must remain rational, get out of the way in time, avoid escalation to physical conflict, and make every effort to ensure our own safety. In case of offense and assault, report to the school and the police in time to protect the legitimate rights and interests of individuals. At the same time, strengthen the understanding of the changes in the US immigration policy, carry items in compliance with the regulations, treat the US law enforcement agencies with caution, and contact the embassy or consulate for help if necessary.

5. Pay attention to your own mental health

The continuation of the epidemic can easily cause people to have a psychological stress response, bring impacts and challenges to mental health, and may also have a serious impact on academics and physical health. I hope that students bravely face the epidemic and various difficulties, try to maintain a normal pace of life, maintain communication and communication with relatives and friends, and actively participate in online activities of school clubs. If necessary, you can seek professional psychological help through schools and formal channels.

6.  Be vigilant to prevent fraud

At present, telecommunications fraud still occurs frequently. All unfamiliar calls in the name or reason of embassies, public security, customs, immigration authorities, express companies, banks, etc. may be fraudulent calls. Please be vigilant. When it comes to topics such as expired identity, involvement in criminal cases, shooting kidnapping videos, and vaccinations, you cannot easily believe it, and you must verify it through formal channels. Pay attention to the safe use of bank cards to prevent loss and information leakage. In case of fraud or stolen bank card, please report to the local police station in time and contact the issuing bank for proper disposal. If in doubt, you can seek assistance from the embassy.

7. Carry forward the spirit of solidarity and mutual assistance

The more during the epidemic, the more fully demonstrated the friendship and mutual help among overseas students. If students encounter difficulties, they can seek help from the school’s Chinese Overseas Chinese Association or the local Chinese Overseas Chinese Association. If possible, you can also serve as a volunteer to help more students and compatriots in need through the above clubs.

8. Timely carry out your Covid-19 Nucleic Acid PCR Test report.

For overseas students who plan to return to China, whether it is a direct or connecting flight, please obtain a negative Covid-19 Nucleic Acid PCR Test report within 3 days before the departure date of the last flight to China.

9.  Reasonable arrangements for certificate processing

First of all, you must keep your passport, legal residence form and other documents, and make electronic backups. During the epidemic, in order to avoid gatherings of people, the Embassy’s document hall is still temporarily closed. It is recommended that overseas students postpone the application of various documents. If you have a special urgent passport, travel certificate or authentication requirement, please send your personal information, emergency reason, type of certificate, etc. to the e-mail: cnnyconsulate@gmail.com, and the embassy’s document department will reply in time and give guidance.

10. Keep in mind the channels of consular assistance

If overseas students are diagnosed or listed as suspected, or need other consular assistance, please contact the embassy in time or report to the Consular Protection and Service Center of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The global emergency call center for consular protection and services of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is +86-10-12308 or +86-10-59913991.

I wish you all safety and health!

Songzi Li/Editing Manager


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