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U.S. H1B Visa Launches New Registration System, Implemented in March 2020

According to the US “World Journal”, the new electronic registration requirements for H-1B visas will be implemented in the next application season, from March 1 to 20, 2020.

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) said the new system is to simplify expensive and intricate application procedures. Instead of applying for an H-1B visa for each foreign worker, employers only need to submit an application for basic company and labor data File.

U.S. Immigration said that if there are too many applications, it will be decided by lottery, and only successful applicants can submit applications.

Previous employers had to mail lengthy application forms during the five-day period beginning on April 1, and it would cost thousands of dollars to complete and prepare the file. Employers now only need to pay $ 10 for each registered employee, and only if they are successful and eligible to apply, the application fee is payable.

The H-1B visa for professional and skilled labor is the goal of the Trump administration’s reforms. The rejection rate of outsourcing information industry and human resources companies has increased significantly, but specific reforms have been delayed.

A group of immigration lawyers joined an industry group representing Google, Facebook, and information industry outsourcing companies in October, warning that the new application rules could cause technical problems and affect operations. But USCIS said they had gone through a “successful testing phase.”

The Immigration Department stated that it would publish the step-by-step registration instructions on the website, but left a step back for itself in case: “If the number of applications is not enough, this department will decide whether to continue to receive or extend the time.”

by Songzi Li, Editing Manager


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