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Tag: UChicago scientists

For a sustainable future, scientists rethink plastics and devices

UChicago scientists and engineers seek to transform plastics, electronics, transportation

UChicago scientists invent material inspired by bone that can strengthen from vibration

Bone is not just a fixed material—it’s a dynamic set of structures that can adapt their mass and strength based on the...

Five UChicago scientists named 2020 AAAS fellows

Awards recognize pioneering research in immunology, biology, chemistry and cosmology

Two UChicago scientists selected for entrepreneurship program to develop quantum tech

Two University of Chicago innovators developing quantum technologies are among six selected for Argonne National Laboratory’s entrepreneurship program, Chain Reaction Innovations, which helps scientists launch...
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Long-term study of pregnant women finds increasing chemical exposure

A national, long-term study that enrolled a highly diverse group of pregnant women found rising exposure to chemicals from plastics and pesticides...

BBC: The Spanish city where water defies gravity

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