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BBC: Saudi’s lineage of interior stylists

In the remote, mountainous region of 'Asir, women's ingenuity can be seen in a 200-year-old artform that's passed from mother to daughter.

VOA: Saudis Offer Cease-fire to Yemeni Rebels

Saudi Arabia proposed a cease-fire Monday in Yemen’s lengthy civil war, but Houthi rebels appeared to reject it, saying the offer was...

VOA: Analysts: Saudi Ties Remain Vital to US, Despite Talk of Recalibration

 Analysts say the world’s dependence on gasoline isn’t likely to return to pre-pandemic levels, as moves step up to increase fuel efficiency...
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VOA: Uzbeks, Kyrgyz See Railway With China as Potential Economic Boost

The latest talks between China, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan have renewed hopes that an ambitious planned railway linking these central Asian countries may...

Fall 2022 Move-In

Visit this page often. The information below is subject to change.  Move-In information will be posted and updated...

Layered limestone deposits give unique insight to Roman aqueducts

CHAMPAIGN, Ill. — Mineral-rich waters originating from the Apennine Mountains of Italy flowed through ancient Rome’s Anio Novus aqueduct and left behind...

[Illinois] Art @ the Y

Art @ the Y Presents Azuki!  Kofi Bazzell-Smith: Manga As A Bridge Between Cultures