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Russia-Ukraine war: What to know about sanctions—their effects and effectiveness

In the third month of Russia’s war on Ukraine, debate endures on how—and how well—other nations have responded. To be sure, sanctions...

VOA: Ruble’s Strength in Face of Sanctions May Be Illusory

After a sharp plunge in value at the beginning of the war in Ukraine, the Russian ruble has recovered much of its...

NPR: How everyday Russians are feeling the impact from sanctions

After years of life in a growing, globally connected economy, Russians find themselves in a country increasingly unplugged from the world.

VOA: US, Along With UK and Canada, Slaps More Sanctions on Belarus

The United States, in coordination with Britain and Canada, rolled out new sanctions on Belarus on Monday, the one-year anniversary of the...

BBC: Myanmar coup: US announces sanctions on leaders

US President Joe Biden has approved an executive order to impose sanctions on the leaders of Myanmar's coup.

BBC: Hong Kong: US imposes sanctions on chief executive Carrie Lam

The US Treasury has imposed sanctions on Hong Kong chief executive Carrie Lam, and 10 other top officials from Hong Kong and...
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VOA: Zelenskyy Calls Russia ‘Terrorist State’ After Latest Attacks on Ukraine

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy called Russia a “terrorist state” on Tuesday and urged the United Nations to send a commission to investigate...

VOA: G-7 Heightening Russia Sanctions for Ukraine War

The United States and the other members of the Group of Seven leading industrialized economies imposed new sanctions Monday against Russia for...

NPR: How green became the color of the abortion rights movement

Protests for abortion rights around the world are often awash in the color green – handkerchiefs, scarves, protests signs and more.

Purdue University partners with leading global chipmaker on Midwest’s first semiconductor design center

Purdue University’s College of Engineering is partnering with MediaTek Inc., a leading global fabless chipmaker, to open the Midwest’s first semiconductor chip...