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Takeaways from the front lines of the novel coronavirus outbreak

John H. Holmes discussed the epidemiological data on COVID-19 and shared his personal perspectives on the outbreak as a visiting professor working...

‘Take this seriously,’ say Northwestern doctors in COVID-19 video

Northwestern Medicine physicians and medical experts on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic want the community to take the burgeoning global...

Ouch: Patients prescribed opioids after tooth extraction report worse pain

The use of opioids to soothe the pain of a pulled tooth could be drastically reduced or eliminated altogether from dentistry,...

Technology provides a new way to probe single molecules

Biology can be murky, and medicine involves dealing with very complex mixtures of molecules. A new technology developed at Northwestern University now...
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Kirsten Becker promoted to head women’s gymnastics coach

Becker has served as the program’s assistant coach for the past five years, helping lead the Quakers to the 2020 Ivy Classic.

CNN: Summer is not completely canceled. Here are 100 things we can do with or without kids.

This is not the summer we had hoped or planned for.The calendar is littered with canceled vacations and summer camps, shuttered pools...

Oral care during COVID-19

Experts from the School of Dental Medicine share tips on how to maintain healthy teeth and gums even when a trip to...

Life, death, and the litter layer

Kristina Lyons’ new book explores the Colombian world of litter layers, seeds, and soils; Amazonian farmers, narcos, and the War on Drugs