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BBC: Super Mario 64 game sells for record-breaking $1.5m at auction

The 1996 cartridge was a launch title for the Nintendo 64 console, and was one of the most influential early 3D platformers.

Reuters: Tableware fit for a Queen goes up for auction

Miniature tableware designed for a royal doll’s house at Britain’s Windsor Castle went up for auction on Tuesday along with a full...

CNN: Rare NASA photos up for auction, including the only photograph of Neil Armstrong on the moon

Neil Armstrong on the moon next toan American flag. Laika the dog sitting in a space capsule, shortly before before becoming...

CNN: See the record-smashing T. rex that sold for $31.8 million

STAN, one of the world's most complete T. rex skeletons, sold to an anonymous bidder at auction, far exceeding initial price estimates.Source: CNN

BBC: Harry Potter first edition fetches £60,000 at auction

A first edition Harry Potter book which a father used to teach his children English has fetched £60,000 at auction.

CNN: Abraham Lincoln’s lock of hair sells for more than $81,000 at auction

A lock of President Abraham Lincoln's hair and a telegram smeared with his blood sold for more than $81,000 at auction.
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VOA: The Bolsheviks to Putin: A History of Russian Defaults

In 1918, Soviet revolutionary Leon Trotsky told Western creditors aghast at the Bolsheviks' repudiation of Russia's external debt: "Gentlemen, you were warned."

BBC: A ‘blue hole’ to the Northern Lights

A little-known meteorological phenomenon makes a tiny village in Arctic Sweden one of the best places on Earth to consistently see the...

Nearly 9 in 10 Detroit eviction cases filed during pandemic involved illegal rentals

Despite pandemic-related eviction prevention measures, thousands of Detroit renters were evicted in the past two years due to loopholes in policies and...


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