Is Obamacare worth fixing?

April 29, 2017 asianct 0

Among the most formidable obstacles to health care reform are the insurers, hospitals, health care providers and pharmaceutical companies that benefit from the current system and lobby Congress to preserve it, says Tom O’Rourke, an […]

How far can ‘America First’ go?

April 2, 2017 asianct 0

Editor’s note: Donald Trump campaigned on the idea that the U.S. should redefine its role in the world, promoting the slogan “America First.” He suggests pulling back from some international commitments and renegotiating others. U. […]

Can the design elements of clothing be copyrighted?

February 12, 2017 asianct 0

University of Illinois professor and copyright librarian Sara R. Benson, an expert on copyright law, spoke with News Bureau business and law editor Phil Ciciora about a pending U.S. Supreme Court case involving rival cheerleading uniform manufacturers. The […]

Are Global Carbon Emissions Increasing or Decreasing?

December 11, 2016 asianct 0

Editor’s note: On Nov. 14, the Global Carbon Project published the Global Carbon Budget 2016, giving world leaders access to data on atmospheric carbon concentrations, emissions and trends. Illinois atmospheric scientist Atul Jain was among the many scientists worldwide who […]

Is Academia Waking Up to the Problem of Sexual Harassment?

October 13, 2016 asianct 0

Anthropology professor Kathryn Clancy supports proposed legislation that would require universities to report sexual harassment and assault by professors in the sciences to federal funding agencies.Photo by L. Brian Stauffer Editor’s note: U. of I. anthropology professor Kathryn Clancy spoke […]

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