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Touching the sun to protect the Earth

August 13, 2018 asianct 0

Faculty Q&A Justin Kasper, professor of climate and space sciences and engineering at the University of Michigan, is a mission principal investigator on the Parker Solar Probe, which launched Aug. 12 from Cape Canaveral, Fla. […]

Planning for peace of mind

July 13, 2018 asianct 0

July 09, 2018  Clare Milliken “Almost everything that goes on with my patients, and so much of what I see with families, I’ve lived through.” Lee Lindquist was always close to her grandparents. Growing up […]

A maverick among chemists

July 12, 2018 asianct 0

July 3, 2018 Eric Sucar, Photographer When Madeleine Joullie came to Penn as a graduate student in the summer of 1949, it was an entirely different world for women in chemistry. She remembers having to cross […]

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