A chilly incident

February 14, 2014 asianct 0

It is freezing. I really want this cold to go away. My feet get cold all the time, and this year I feel like it’s gotten worse. Maybe I’m just crying about it, but maybe […]

The Spirit of Welcoming a New Year

January 18, 2014 asianct 0

2014 is the Year of the Horse. Among horses, this year supposed to be the year of the blue horse, but a blue horse doesn’t really exist. Horses are animals that are close to humans […]

Hold Your Thoughts

January 18, 2014 asianct 0

It’s getting really hard to stay informed these days. Of course, we’ve heard enough about how to properly cite things on the end of our papers, or to provide evidence that are ‘legitimate’ so that […]

Melodies sending off a year

December 17, 2013 asianct 0

The Concert of ‘Guitar Lovers’ in Champaign We are passing through December, the last month of the year 2013. The word “last” carries an air of intensity and determination. And you can also feel regret […]

Thankful Ending

November 13, 2013 asianct 0

In Catholicism, November is the last month of the year. The year comes to a close with November, and a new year begins with December. Perhaps it is for that reason that there are three […]

Enjoy the Journey

November 13, 2013 asianct 0

How many metaphors compare life to a journey? As the staggering number of these clichéd reminders may suggest, many of us can’t help but feel that we are locked in a loop that seems to […]

Development and Conservation

October 12, 2013 asianct 0

Seoraksan in Korea If memories from childhood geography class serve well, the geography of the Korean peninsula is defined primarily by older landforms, featuring more of the lower and cloud-shaped mountains than towering peaks. Although […]

Love, If you cannot leave

September 17, 2013 asianct 0

Recently I came across an interesting article while reading through the papers. It was a critique of Brother Bupryoon, who is well-known for his “On-the-Spot Q&A”. The problem was Brother Bupryoon’s reply to a woman, […]

Thought of the Day

September 17, 2013 asianct 0

Quite unlike our predecessors, the men and women of the contemporary society find themselves pitted against a different kind of expectation. Of course this really is no surprise at all, given that expectations change over […]

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