Recently moved out and confused

October 21, 2014 asianct 0

Having spent the entirety of my college life living with my parents, there were some things that I really couldn’t grasp. For example, two people who were cool would then become roommates, and the relationship […]

Our Happy Home

September 22, 2014 asianct 0

Keanu Reeves, who captivated me as ‘Neo’ in the movie the Matrix, lives as a homeless. It’s probably not that a well-known actor sleeps in the open because he couldn’t afford a place to rest […]

What’s in a Word

September 22, 2014 asianct 0

People say that when you use a word over and over again, they lose their meaning. One might say that you wear out a word, or the gravity of their significance is diminished. Even when […]

That’s how the Country is

August 17, 2014 asianct 0

Japanese Maruyama Genji worked in a trading company in Tokyo, wrote, and received the literature Newcomer of the Year Award. At the age of 25 he returned to the country and focused on writing, publishing […]


August 17, 2014 asianct 0

As beginning of another semester draws near, I am faced with a situation which I’ve not had to deal with for as long as I remember. Having graduated from college, I no longer need to […]

Strangers without borders

July 19, 2014 asianct 0

@CulturalContentsDotCom   When I was young there weren’t any places officially designated as playgrounds at all. Everything in nature was toys, and nature itself became the playground. Although every little this and that in nature […]

Ignorance is Bliss

July 19, 2014 asianct 0

Sometimes I find myself asking a rather perturbing question. It’s not necessarily violent, and it is not necessarily offensive – for the most part. It has to do with some ideas around the phrase ‘ignorance […]

How could I forget!

June 16, 2014 asianct 0

On the 16th of past April, the Sinking of MV Sewol which buried almost 300 young students who hadn’t even bloomed at sea occurred. There are still around ten of missing persons whose bodies have […]

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