Development and Conservation

October 12, 2013 asianct 0

Seoraksan in Korea If memories from childhood geography class serve well, the geography of the Korean peninsula is defined primarily by older landforms, featuring more of the lower and cloud-shaped mountains than towering peaks. Although […]

Love, If you cannot leave

September 17, 2013 asianct 0

Recently I came across an interesting article while reading through the papers. It was a critique of Brother Bupryoon, who is well-known for his “On-the-Spot Q&A”. The problem was Brother Bupryoon’s reply to a woman, […]

Thought of the Day

September 17, 2013 asianct 0

Quite unlike our predecessors, the men and women of the contemporary society find themselves pitted against a different kind of expectation. Of course this really is no surprise at all, given that expectations change over […]

Principal Joon-hee Kim of Dodam School

September 17, 2013 asianct 0

Joon-hee Kim (45), the pro-bono principal of ‘DoDam School,’ an alternative school ran hand-in-hand by two teachers and eleven students, not only seem to be near children’s age , but even plays like one. Though […]

Enough is Enough!

August 15, 2013 asianct 0

I’m briefly staying with my daughter who just moved. To me she looks and acts just like her father, but he insists that she is just like her mother. What is undeniable is that neither […]

Survive, Religion

August 15, 2013 asianct 0

The egg – yet to be hatched, and full of potential. Within it, the chick develops until it is ready to embrace the world beyond its sheltered pod. Similarly, the egg, a story written by […]

“Promises” are Retro?

July 18, 2013 asianct 0

A new day dawns. However, tomorrow’s sun has merely risen today, the yesterday’s tomorrow: the world hasn’t changed a bit, I’ve not suddenly become famous, and the world as seen through the computer remains chaotic. […]

The American Way

July 18, 2013 asianct 0

It’s been about two months since school’s been out, and people are beginning to realize that after you’re out of school, there aren’t too many dates or events to look forward to. But that is […]

Moving Tree

June 20, 2013 asianct 0

Although a tree has many characteristics, its most distinctive is probably that it stays and watches over a place without moving. The fact that they take roots and silently observe through winds and frosts for […]

The Korean Situation

June 20, 2013 asianct 0

Throughout human history, there have been continuous struggles between groups of humans to wrest control of land from each other. The boundaries of these lands shifted as diplomacy, war, and culture between the countries continued […]

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