My wander in Champaign downtown

July 15, 2012 asianct 0

My wander in Champaign downtown The case seems that many people underestimate Champaign downtown. Some of my friends have never been to Champaign downtown in their four years of college. When they want to grab […]

Happiness fills the parking lot

June 27, 2012 asianct 0

Champaign downtown’s Orpheum Children’s Science Museum held its 20th Annual Kid’s Building Fair in the public parking lot on Neil Street and east Washington Street on May 19. It’s an event of celebrating the community’s […]

Family Doctor Kevin Kim

June 27, 2012 asianct 0

Human body is composed of complex internal and external structures and each part is handled by different medical specialty. Names such as internal medicine, surgeon, or ear-nose-throat, ENT, give away what kind of doctors they […]

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