March 5, 2016 asianct 0

People often speak of inspirations – the inner drive, a profound feeling perhaps of realization which propels you closer towards your goal. For quite a bit, I have been fascinated by the idea of artistic […]


March 5, 2016 asianct 0

My mother, like many other things, is an expert at packing. A day before my departure, I found her, crouched over, collecting disarrayed clothing from the floor and neatly folding them into my suitcase. I […]

From paintings to Media-snacking and more

March 5, 2016 asianct 0

When hearing the word “media”, we are likely to relate it with technology tools, such as television, radio, and a smart phone. However, the term has rather broader inclusion than many expect. Marshall McLuhan, who […]

Safety First

March 5, 2016 asianct 0

The past few months, I, along with other students from University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, have been getting excessive amounts of campus safety notice emails from the Police Chief of Division of Public Safety. […]

You Shouldn’t Have Kids

February 6, 2016 asianct 0

  “You Shouldn’tt Have a Dog”, a book written by dog expert Hyoung-wook Kang, not only provides a fresh perspective on adopting a dog but also make you reflect on rearing a child. Also, it […]

Discussing Politics

February 6, 2016 asianct 0

I remember it was sometime during college, we had to fill out one of those self-description sheet for an ice breaking session. I recall one of the questions being about whether you liked to discuss […]

Multicultural Advocate

February 6, 2016 asianct 0

What are you? A rather skeptical bystander asks. Without hesitation, I spew out my elevator pitch: “I am kind of like a Resident Advisor, but I focus on social justice issues like race, sexuality and […]

Dear Me in April

February 6, 2016 asianct 0

Starting a new semester is usually always exciting for me, however, it can be terrifying. Imagining the overloaded amount of readings, essays, quizzes, exams, and other miscellaneous things is petrifying, which is why, for me, […]

Amazon Echo and humanity

February 6, 2016 asianct 0

When I first saw the Amazon Echo commercial, I was really shocked about how much recent technologies have improved. Then, my second thought was it reminds me of a movie called “Her.” The movie made […]

Living through 2016

January 9, 2016 asianct 0

It seems like it was mere moments ago when I greeted the year of 2015 and mulled over how to spend the New Year most fruitfully – but apparently the New Year’s already returned for […]

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