Strangers without borders

July 19, 2014 asianct 0

@CulturalContentsDotCom   When I was young there weren’t any places officially designated as playgrounds at all. Everything in nature was toys, and nature itself became the playground. Although every little this and that in nature […]

How could I forget!

June 16, 2014 asianct 0

On the 16th of past April, the Sinking of MV Sewol which buried almost 300 young students who hadn’t even bloomed at sea occurred. There are still around ten of missing persons whose bodies have […]


May 16, 2014 asianct 0

Photo: Vouge It is time again to hear those words: “Depart”. What is essential for one to get going is cleaning up, and the first thing of cleaning up is discarding. Before coming to the […]

I eat fine by myself

April 20, 2014 asianct 0

Although there are many joys in the world, but really – there isn’t one quite like eating! If I said that, some might think of me as a gourmet, or someone who is quite obsessed […]

“Wake up, Wake up…”

March 17, 2014 asianct 0

It’s the lunar March, and halfway into the month. Preceding the words lunar march, is the Chinese character meaning Spring. As such, inside I’m shouting “Spring, Spring, Spring, Spring, Spring is here!” while telling myself […]

‘Let Us Live Well’

February 14, 2014 asianct 0

“Let’s live well, let’s live well, let us for once live well” is a line of a song that I grew up with, and gotten sick of. It came from everywhere. Anywhere. The speakers on […]

The Spirit of Welcoming a New Year

January 18, 2014 asianct 0

2014 is the Year of the Horse. Among horses, this year supposed to be the year of the blue horse, but a blue horse doesn’t really exist. Horses are animals that are close to humans […]

Melodies sending off a year

December 17, 2013 asianct 0

The Concert of ‘Guitar Lovers’ in Champaign We are passing through December, the last month of the year 2013. The word “last” carries an air of intensity and determination. And you can also feel regret […]

Thankful Ending

November 13, 2013 asianct 0

In Catholicism, November is the last month of the year. The year comes to a close with November, and a new year begins with December. Perhaps it is for that reason that there are three […]

Development and Conservation

October 12, 2013 asianct 0

Seoraksan in Korea If memories from childhood geography class serve well, the geography of the Korean peninsula is defined primarily by older landforms, featuring more of the lower and cloud-shaped mountains than towering peaks. Although […]

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