The Final ‘Desk Musing’

June 30, 2017 asianct 0

This is the final ‘Desk Musing’ I’ll be writing as an editor. It’s been 9 years that the “Asian Campus Tribune” (ACT) has been printing in Korean, English and Chinese. Over the years our publication […]

You Shouldn’t Have Kids

February 6, 2016 asianct 0

  “You Shouldn’tt Have a Dog”, a book written by dog expert Hyoung-wook Kang, not only provides a fresh perspective on adopting a dog but also make you reflect on rearing a child. Also, it […]

Living through 2016

January 9, 2016 asianct 0

It seems like it was mere moments ago when I greeted the year of 2015 and mulled over how to spend the New Year most fruitfully – but apparently the New Year’s already returned for […]

Closing 2015

December 12, 2015 asianct 0

New York Yankees closing pitcher Mariano Rivera My side of the family was really into sports. My late mother, unlike most women who enjoy watching dramas, enjoyed all sports regardless of genre. Volleyball, basketball, she […]

The Irrevocable Past

November 14, 2015 asianct 0

Drama – “Nine: Nine Time Travels” One of the Korean dramas that I remember the most is “Nine: Nine Time Travels”. Though there are many dramas that travel through time, but this one is particular […]

Washing out the Mind

October 25, 2015 asianct 0

A day during the childhood was a long period of time indeed; you’d wake up, open your eyes, go out to play – so much so that you forget to eat – come home to […]

Chuseok – Ancestors and Ghosts

September 28, 2015 asianct 0

  Winner of the 1984 Pulitzer Prize In September comes the greatest of the Korean holiday, the Chuseok (Thanksgiving). “No more no less, let it be as Hangawi (Another name for Chuseok)”, as we used […]

The Independence of a Country and I

August 29, 2015 asianct 0

  In August 2015, Korea welcomed the 70th anniversary of its independence. It was named “Recovery of Light Day” probably because of the 35 years spent in darkness without freedom under the Japanese occupation. Though […]

The Steering Wheel of Life

July 25, 2015 asianct 0

It has been 35 years since I first got my driver’s license. At the time, the state of the driver’s facilities were despicably inadequate. Since vehicle ownership was uncommon, practice was often limited to 30 […]

To Couples

June 27, 2015 asianct 0

I haven’t really lived all that long, but if I was prompted to pick out the most joyous occasion in my life, there are rather many events that bring a smile back to my face. […]

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