April 2, 2017 asianct 0

I worked as a Multicultural Advocate (MA) in University Housing from the years 2015 through 2016. My job description was to become a social justice advocate and create a welcoming environment for students not only […]

Do We Really Need Paper?

March 12, 2017 asianct 0

Everything is digital nowadays, and now with a free Google account, one can acquire cloud storage more than what the greatest scientists could not afford in the 90s. I think it is safe to say […]

Anonymous Agoras

December 11, 2016 asianct 0

There has been a trend in campuses in Korea, to create a page where people can send in anonymous reports. They are somewhat censored by administrators, who try to keep a certain standard on the […]

Students Insured

November 14, 2016 asianct 0

Heads up if you’re here for the first time: United States healthcare is expensive and complicated. Without a uniform health care system, the United States subjects its citizens to seek other means of private insurance […]

I am not a feminist I am a gender equalist

November 14, 2016 asianct 0

Currently, there are sudden increases of feminism contents found in various social media. I believe it is due to many female-victim events happening around the world and even there is a U.S. president candidate who […]

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