What I Learned About Journalism

January 15, 2013 asianct 0

According to the Webster dictionary, journalistic also means ephemeral, sensational, current, timely, dated, prosy, slangy, facile, and stereotyped. As journalists, we often need to ask what, how and why. Journalism elaborates everything in life, from […]

It’s not just a phase

January 15, 2013 asianct 0

New Years since I’ve moved to the US is not much different. We still do the traditional breakfast, the customary greeting, the words of wisdom and the allowance. But as years passed I’ve noticed something […]

The End is Nigh – Reflect!

December 20, 2012 asianct 0

Come December, there’s a change in the atmosphere. The air is filled with Christmas music, and the light from the décor illuminates the nights. I personally can’t stand Christmas music – don’t get me wrong […]

“New baby, new place”?

December 20, 2012 asianct 0

Hong Kong is ranked the 10th on the Where-To-Be-Born Index of 2013, a list of places and countries compiled by the Economist. The index is an overall consideration of 11 statistically significant indicators, including geography, […]

What does it mean to you?

November 13, 2012 asianct 0

It’s gotten to that point of the year; frost is setting overnight, coats are coming out from their hibernation. Flu shots are free for the students, and already some trees stand bare. Ahh yes, it’s […]

Saturday’s Charm School

November 13, 2012 asianct 0

Previously I’ve shared my panicking experience with graduation and the stress of having a good plan for school, work and internship. I figure that most of the stress actually comes from uncertainty. The crucial cause […]

Chuseok and Thanksgiving Day

November 13, 2012 asianct 0

  Thanksgiving is one of the favorite holidays that Americans are looking forward to celebrate. Family members reunite, catch up on the latest news and enjoy Thanksgiving dinner. Christmas is also the important occasion for […]

Making new friends bring the opportunity

October 15, 2012 asianct 0

As I previously mentioned, finding a job after graduation is very stressful. But there are ways around it. Networking is extremely important. Many of the students choose to focus on school. This isn’t a bad […]

Live the Question

October 15, 2012 asianct 0

For many people, it’s not a pleasant feeling to be at a loss with the immense amount of uncertainties that we live with. They are truly, literally, everywhere – though we find that some of […]

Be a stress fighter

September 21, 2012 asianct 0

Most students have their experience in fighting stress throughout college. It has only been the first few weeks of school, and I have been stressed. As a senior, I should have had the easier classes […]

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