17 ways to be a wise college spender

March 22, 2016 asianct 0

  Paying for college is pricey enough. Here are some key ways to save money when in school. By following these 17 tips, students can save money by being smarter spenders. If you’re a soon-to-be […]


November 14, 2015 asianct 0

Second half courses started in U of I last month. This eight week classes cover various topics ranging from science to the humanities. One of those second half courses is LER. LER courses are sponsored […]

IAM’S Healthier Community Project

November 14, 2015 asianct 0

  IAM organization is currently working to launch an Alcohol Consumption Safety Campaign for the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Due to many incidents around the campus, we are targeting specifically the students. As the […]

On Accumulating Stories

November 14, 2015 asianct 0

I had a friend who once talked about some police in a negative manner. Disagreeing, I called him out to be insensitive and that maybe he should be good. However I did not understand that […]

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