Be a stress fighter

September 21, 2012 asianct 0

Most students have their experience in fighting stress throughout college. It has only been the first few weeks of school, and I have been stressed. As a senior, I should have had the easier classes […]

Take Action to Challenge Yourself

September 21, 2012 asianct 0

It’s already been a full week after the welcoming syllabus week. This is the time when new students are starting to get used to the pace, and are finding windows of time between their schedules […]

Feeling of legal alien

August 11, 2012 asianct 0

There is a saying in Korean: “improving foreign language, slipping mother language.” It is a statement that reflects living abroad for a long time, and a testament to the things I am beginning to realize. […]

My wander in Champaign downtown

July 15, 2012 asianct 0

My wander in Champaign downtown The case seems that many people underestimate Champaign downtown. Some of my friends have never been to Champaign downtown in their four years of college. When they want to grab […]

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