Nuclear Fusion – the Artificial Star

January 27, 2015 asianct 0

Same Mechanism Which Produces Heat and Light in the Sun The source of a star’s energy is the nuclear fusion reaction of the hydrogen atoms. How do hydrogen atoms become fused into a helium atom? […]

640 Labs, Achieves Big Data Agriculture

November 17, 2014 asianct 0

Creating a New Global Industry Mr. Chris Gould, who farms in the northern Illinois, has his hands full harvesting the soybeans for fall. What is fascinating is the combine that he is driving. But upon […]

Is Age Just a Number? 3 Studies Find Out

November 17, 2014 asianct 0

Some would agree that you’re as young as you feel (or behave). Others, well, they’re constantly reminded by friends, family and society to consider how many miles they have on the old “odometer.” But is […]

Magnet Using Green Fridge to Come Out

October 21, 2014 asianct 0

Environmentally Friendly Cooling System with Magnetic Refrigeration Technique At some point it became impossible to imagine life without fridge and air conditioner. The issue is that cooling appliances like these are high in power consumption […]

How to Dry Food At Home

October 21, 2014 asianct 0

It’s not hard, but just takes some time, organization, and steady low heat. If you’ve got an oven, you can do it. A big part of combating industrial agriculture is taking control of sourcing and […]

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