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BBC: TikTok and WeChat: US to ban app downloads in 48 hours

TikTok and WeChat will be banned from US app stores from Sunday, unless President Donald Trump agrees to a last-minute deal.

BBC: Singapore becomes hub for Chinese tech amid US tensions

Some of China's biggest technology firms are expanding operations in Singapore as tensions rise between Washington and Beijing.

CNN: Facebook buys an unused headquarters even as more employees work remotely

Facebook is buying a previously unused corporate headquarters from outdoor retailer REI, despite the social media company's plans to shift more of...

NPR: Celebrities Boycott Facebook And Instagram For A Day Over Disinformation, Hate Speech

A small — though prominent — group of public figures is taking a 24-hour break from the platforms that magnify their celebrity...

VOA: Researchers: North Korean Hackers In League With Russian Cybercriminals

North Korean hackers are probably working with Russian-speaking cybercriminals on ransomware and other malicious software, researchers said Wednesday.  

BBC: TikTok: YouTube launches rival to be tested in India

YouTube has announced it will test a beta version of its new TikTok rival in India. YouTube Shorts will...

CNN: Seven-foot robots are stacking shelves in Tokyo convenience stores

Japan has the oldest population in the world, and that's causing an acute labor shortage. With almost a third of the population aged 65 and above,...

CNN: A perfectly preserved Ice Age cave bear has been found in Russia — even its nose is intact

The perfectly preserved remains of an Ice Age cave bear have been discovered in the Russian Arctic -- the first example of the species...

CNN: LG’s new smartphone has a unique swivel screen

LG has released the LG WING 5G smartphone, which has two screens. One can swivel up to 90 degrees, making it...

BBC: TikTok: Oracle confirms being picked by Bytedance to be app’s partner

US tech firm Oracle has confirmed that TikTok's owner has formally proposed it become a "trusted technology partner" to the video-sharing app.

NPR: A Possible Sign Of Life Right Next Door To Earth, On Venus

Scientists say they've detected a gas in the clouds of Venus that, on Earth, is produced by microbial life.

BBC: The benefits of note-taking by hand

Computers and phones have become the go-to note-taking method for many. But your brain benefits from an old-fashioned pen and paper.


[Champagin] C-U PRIDEFEST Sep. 25-27

Pride Fest is going virtual! Stay apart but rise united with LGBTQ+ community. Uniting Pride of Champaign County will be offering a full schedule...

COV-Course: A Free, Non-credit Course Open to Illinois Alumni

A new University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign course, COV-Course: A Multidisciplinary Approach to Understanding the Pandemic, will offer a comprehensive, interdisciplinary understanding of...

Illinois enrollment remains above 50,000

CHAMPAIGN, Ill. — The University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign’s 2020 enrollment is 52,331, surpassing last year’s record of 51,196, a status administration officials...

[Urbana] Take a Child Outside Week September 18 – 27

National Take a Child Outside Week begins September 18. The week encourages adults to take their children outside to explore and discover...