Pet Finder: 6 Spring Activities that Your Dog Will Love

weather starts to warm up after a frigid and long winter, humans aren’t the only ones who get extremely excited about spending...

PetMD: Dog Skin Conditions, From Belly Rashes to Scabs and Sores

Skin problems are among the most common reasons dogs end up at the veterinarian’s office. A dog’s skin condition...

PetMD: Could Dogs Survive in a World Without Humans?

We love our dogs and cherish them as family members. We take them to the veterinarian’s office when they’re sick, buy them...

AP: Doggie desserts: Ben & Jerry’s enters the pet food business

Think your dog deserves dessert? So does Ben & Jerry’s. The venerable Vermont ice cream company said Monday it’s...

AP: American Airlines is grounding emotional-support animals

American Airlines is banning emotional-support animals in a move that will force most owners to pay extra if they want their pets...

BBC: Dog theft: Organised crime driving ‘epidemic’ of dog snatching

Demand for dogs skyrocketed in lockdown and has risen again in the run-up to Christmas. Prices have soared as a result.

Reuters: Saved from the garbage, Russian cat lands on its feet in minister’s chair

When a worker at a Russian waste-sorting plant rescued a cat from imminent death, he had no idea it would end up...

Reuters: Christmas comes early for baby animals at Australian Reptile Park

Christmas has come early for some animals celebrating their first Yuletide holiday at the Australian Reptile Park

BBC: Macron’s dog Nemo in video plea to be kind to pets

French President Emmanuel Macron's dog Nemo is the star of a video clip urging citizens to adopt pets at Christmas "with awareness".

NPR: Meet Beave, The Internet’s Most Famous Beaver

That much was revealed by Nancy Coyne, who's rehabilitating a beaver in her home in New York's Hudson Valley. Coyne's videos of...

NPR: Pennsylvania Turns To Man’s Best Friend To Sniff Out Spotted Lanternfly Infestation

Spotted lanternflies are easy enough to spot, with ruby red streaks beneath black-and-white wings that blend like an abstract expressionist painting.

PetMD: How to Treat Yeast Infections in Dogs

Yeast are spore-producing fungi that are always present on a dog’s skin, usually in low numbers, as part of the normal flora....


[Urbana] Sign up for fall youth soccer!

Special discount if you sign up by August 8. More information, including how to register, at:

[Urbana] Outdoor Free Fitness in the Park

Are you looking for ways to stay fit and active this summer? Check out our FREE outdoor fitness programs that you can enjoy all...

[Urbana] Crystal Lake Park Art Fair

Saturday August 6, 10 am - 4 pmBetween Crystal Lake Park Family Aquatic Center and Anita Purves Nature Center (1505 N Broadway)


Shop local makers and artists, experience live music and entertainment, and grab some of the best food and drinks that Champaign has...