CNN: The best ice cream shops in NYC

September 6, 2018 asianct 0

Published 30th August 2018 Allen Kim, CNN   (CNN) — If there’s one thing all New Yorkers can get behind, it’s ice cream.   Do you prefer soft serve to a scoop? Gelato over sorbet? […]

BBC: The strange truth about the pill

September 5, 2018 asianct 0

28 August 2018  Zaria Gorvett It all started with a Mexican yam. It was 1942 and a chemistry professor from Pennsylvania was looking for a cheap source of progesterone. The hormone had many uses at […]

BBC: What happens when we work non-stop

September 5, 2018 asianct 0

24 August 2018 By José Luis Peñarredonda It makes accidents more likely, boosts stress levels, and even causes physical pain. But the real problem is that many people just can’t afford not to do it. […]

CNN: The dangers of eating raw fish

August 30, 2018 asianct 0

August 30, 2018 Susan Scutti, CNN (CNN)Raw fish, such as sushi, and other uncooked seafood may be delicious, but they also may be dangerous — even life-threatening — if prepared inexpertly. Case in point: A […]

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