Your 12 Worst Allergy Mistakes

May 13, 2013 asianct 0

1.     You leave windows open Make it a rule to keep your windows closed and the air conditioner on when it’s pollen season. Be sure to set the AC to “recirculate,” and if it’s not […]

The Truth About Common Vision Myths

April 18, 2013 asianct 0

Does staring at a computer all day or reading in dim light really ruin your eyesight? True or false?     We’ve all heard that computer monitors can damage your vision, or that staring at […]

Healthiest Plants for Your Home

March 11, 2013 asianct 0

Fresh air Chemicals from building materials, furniture, and even air fresheners can make indoor air toxic, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. But just getting some greenery can help, says B.C. Wolverton, PhD, a former […]

WHO Urges Reduced Sodium Salt Intake

February 13, 2013 asianct 0

The World Health Organization (WHO) has issued new guidelines urging adults to consume less salt and include a minimum amount of potassium in their diets. In a statement released Thursday, the WHO says adults should […]

Relax Your Morning Routine

December 20, 2012 asianct 0

1.     Zen your a.m. Do you bolt out of bed and bounce frantically from task to task (Blow out hair! Pack gym bag! Check BlackBerry!)? “The way you start your morning informs the way you […]

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