Adding a Little Zip to Public Transportation

September 15, 2017 asianct 0

While buses provide an economical and environmentally friendly solution for most people, there are times when you just need a car. For these moments, MTD partnered with Champaign, Urbana, and the University of Illinois to […]

Outdoor Equipment Rental

September 6, 2017 asianct 0

Get outdoors and experience your own adventure. Rent camping equipment and other outdoor recreation gear from the Adventure Center located on the Concourse Level of the ARC. Everything you need for camping is offered plus […]

Resources for Incoming Students & Families

August 31, 2015 asianct 0

  Part I. O’Hare Airport to the UIUC campus 1) Transportation: International students most commonly arrive at The Chicago O’Hare International Airport. Once you have arrived at O’Hare International Airport you will have several options […]