The Medical Minute: Hold the added sugar

May 17, 2019 asianct 0

May 08, 2019 The sugar in fruit is different from the sugar in a doughnut, according to Kara Shifler Bowers, a registered dietitian and project manager at Penn State PRO Wellness. “Natural sugars in fruit are […]


May 15, 2019 asianct 0

May 10, 2019Karen B. Roberts When does the brain stop growing? Does a magnetic resonance imaging machine emit radiation? What inspired you to study the brain? These were just a few of the questions that […]


May 15, 2019 asianct 0

May 13, 2019Adam Thomas The specter of ghost crab pots looms large beneath the waters of the Delaware Inland Bays. In addition to littering the seafloor, these derelict crab pots — pots that have been […]

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