Physicist theorizes that dark matter is a superfluid

September 28, 2018 asianct 0

September 17, 2018 Jacob Williamson-Rea Physicists have been striving to understand dark matter—the invisible material that makes up most of the universe—for decades. In the standard cosmological model, this mysterious substance is a cold, thinly […]


September 27, 2018 asianct 0

Wireless communication is used for everything from smart devices, such as phones, thermostats and voice controlled personal assistants, to GPS systems, satellite television, driverless cars and more. Society’s increasing dependence on wireless technology is crowding […]

How uncertain rewards spur repeat purchases

September 26, 2018 asianct 0

Sep 14, 2018  Sandra M. Jones Marketers everywhere are looking for what will entice consumers to make a purchase—not just once but repeatedly—and new research points to a rather surprising result. While conventional wisdom says […]

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