Protecting historic places at various life stages

June 7, 2019 asianct 0

May 28, 2019Lauren Hertzler Since 1992, Holly Boyer-Manders has been an architect in New Jersey. She’s worked on dozens of historically designated projects, including two national historic landmarks, and she’s worked on several award-winning preservation […]

A unique perspective on renewable energy

June 7, 2019 asianct 0

May 28, 2019Michele W. Berger Rachel Kyte has a unique perspective on climate change and the environment. She’s both a special representative to the United Nations and CEO of an international organization called Sustainable Energy […]

The evolution of skin color

June 5, 2019 asianct 0

May 29, 2019 UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — We inherit our skin color from our ancestors, and so it is obviously a trait that is tied to our biology and genetics. But what is it that […]

The Medical Minute: Hold the added sugar

May 17, 2019 asianct 0

May 08, 2019 The sugar in fruit is different from the sugar in a doughnut, according to Kara Shifler Bowers, a registered dietitian and project manager at Penn State PRO Wellness. “Natural sugars in fruit are […]

Stopping Malaria at its Source

May 3, 2019 asianct 0

April 30, 2019 UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — While touring a hospital in India, Penn State entomologist Matthew Thomas recalls walking past the intensive care unit and seeing a young boy — about 14 years old […]

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