Going plastic neutral

March 21, 2019 asianct 0

March 14, 2019 Katherine Unger Baillie In Philadelphia, an office worker picks up a bottled water at a convenience store during the lunch hour. When done, she tosses it in a street trash can, not […]

Negotiating a truce in the war on drugs

March 20, 2019 asianct 0

March 15, 2019 Gwyneth K. Shaw For more than 30 years, the metaphorical war on drugs tipped toward law enforcement. From urban street corners to international drug cartels, the idea was the same: Lock up […]

A vigil to remember, a vigil for hope

March 18, 2019 asianct 0

March 15, 2019 Lauren Hertzler Penn faculty, staff, and students woke to tragic news Friday, as 49 innocent Muslim lives were brutally taken in an attack at two mosques in New Zealand. But as dark […]

Penn announces eight 2019 Thouron Award winners

February 26, 2019 asianct 0

February 22, 2019 Louisa Shepard Seven University of Pennsylvania seniors and a 2018 graduate have each won a Thouron Award to pursue graduate studies in the United Kingdom. Each scholarship winner receives tuition and stipends for as long […]

Egypt on display

February 26, 2019 asianct 0

February 22, 2019 Louisa Shepard While parts of the Egypt Gallery are closed for renovation, the Penn Museum is opening a new exhibition to display artifacts from its vast Egyptian collection, and to highlight the importance of […]

Hands-on learning in the greenhouse

February 26, 2019 asianct 0

February 22, 2019 Katherine Unger Baillie On a chilly winter day, a group of 24 introductory biology students warmed up in the campus greenhouse during an extensive introduction to plant diversity, one of 20 sections […]

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