Sniffing for science

November 13, 2018 asianct 0

November 6, 2018 Katherine Unger Baillie Bonnie, a sleek border collie mix, is practically vibrating with excitement. After getting a signal to start her search, her owners release her. She bounds, snuffling and wriggling, to […]

Breaking the cycle of despair for people with dementia

November 12, 2018 asianct 0

November 5, 2018 Michele W. Berger This is an excerpt from the new book “Better Living with Dementia: Implications for Individuals, Families, Communities, and Societies” published in June by Elsevier. November is National Alzheimer’s Month. The Alzheimer’s Association offers […]

A new-to-us mineral

October 30, 2018 asianct 0

October 25, 2018 Jacob Williamson-Rea A new mineral has been isolated from a sample of igneous rock in central Madagascar. Reto Gieré, a professor and chair of the Department of Earth and Environmental Science in the School of […]


October 24, 2018 asianct 0

Monday, October 1, 2018 Laura Ziv Malkia Okech, C’19, has been enthralled with ancient Egypt for as long as she can remember. She recalls childhood books aplenty on mummies, the pyramids, and the mystery of […]

The World’s Oldest Nightmare

October 17, 2018 asianct 0

October 04, 2018 John Infanti The thing that scared me the most was that I couldn’t move. My body was paralyzed. No, not paralyzed. Something was holding me in place. My eyes were open, and […]

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