September 18, 2017 asianct 0

Community volunteers operate the Lending Storeroom for the benefit of University of Illinois international students, staff, and faculty and their families. Various household articles are loaned free of charge, to be used as long as […]

How to Go to Law School for Free

September 15, 2017 asianct 0

Experts say eloquent law school admissions essays and strong LSAT scores boost the odds of a full scholarship. Although it’s typical for law students to acquire a six-figure debt burden during law school, it’s possible to earn a J.D. […]

Adding a Little Zip to Public Transportation

September 15, 2017 asianct 0

While buses provide an economical and environmentally friendly solution for most people, there are times when you just need a car. For these moments, MTD partnered with Champaign, Urbana, and the University of Illinois to […]

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