A note from the founder and CEO

The Asian Campus Tribune  was established in October of 2008 in the name of CU Asian Times  with the ambitious goal of providing a genuine and authentic voice to the Asian community in, and around, the University of Illinois campus in Champaign-Urbana.

Inspired by this vision, and the enthusiastic response and support of the community and businesses, we grew the publication and its regional and national reach. Today, with multiple locations around the US, Asian Campus Tribune (ACT) has a dedicated staff of over 20, including editors, reporters and columnists, as well as technical support associates who oversee information technology, printing, translation, graphic design and illustration, sales and marketing and logistics.

We are proud of our talented and experienced staff and are thankful for their dedication and support of our journey to become the leading voice of the Asian campus communities around the nation.

The staff of ACT respects and values the views of our readers and welcomes readers’ suggestions to help us maintain the high standard we are committed to achieving and maintaining. In line with our vision of being the voice of the Asian community, we welcome your input and active participation in the discourse, both in print and online. We like to hear from you!

Our Vision

Asian Campus Tribune provides genuine and authentic voice to the Asian community in and around US campuses. We strive to promote the Asian culture and community, while providing efficient means for businesses, both Asian and none, to connect to, and flourish within, our Asian community in and around campuses.

Our Pledge

We pledge to provide a professional product, treat all our stakeholders and the environment with the utmost respect and honesty, and aim to play a major positive role in our community.

I hope you join me in this journey!

Sincerely yours
Ms. Joohyun Kang
Founder and CEO