BBC: Nine TV shows to watch in November

From Homecoming to The Little Drummer Girl and Dynasties, Eddie Mullan picks the programmes worth seeing this month.

2 November 2018
Eddie Mullan


With this adaptation of the hit fiction podcast of the same name, Julia Roberts becomes the latest Hollywood star to make the move to the small screen. In a conspiracy thriller from Mr Robot creator Sam Esmail, we follow case-worker Heidi (Roberts), in a mysterious Florida facility apparently helping PTSD sufferers. One of Heidi’s clients is the polite but troubled Walter (Stephan James), a soldier eager to return to civilian life, and overseeing the facility is hot-tempered Colin (Bobby Cannavale).

Four years on and we discover Heidi working as a small-town waitress and living with her mother (Sissy Spacek). A Department of Defense auditor (Shea Whigham) comes to Heidi with questions, but why can’t she remember anything? Watch the trailer here. Premieres 2 November on Amazon Prime Video (Credit: Amazon Prime Video)

The Little Drummer Girl

Korean auteur Park Chan-wook (Oldboy) directs the latest John le Carré adaptation, a globe-trotting thriller set in the late 1970s. Starring Alexander Skarsgård (Big Little Lies) as Becker, Michael Shannon (The Shape of Water) as Kurtz and Florence Pugh (Lady Macbeth) as Charlie, The Little Drummer Girl weaves an explosive spy story of love and betrayal.

Young actress Charlie meets an intriguing stranger while on a working holiday, but it rapidly becomes apparent that his intentions are far from romantic. The man is Becker, an Israeli intelligence officer, who entangles her in a high stakes plot orchestrated by Kurtz. Watch the trailer here. Premieres in the US on 19 November on AMC and throughout November on BBC One (Credit: BBC One)

House of Cards

In this sixth installment, Frank Underwood (previously played by Kevin Spacey) has died – leaving his wife Claire (Robin Wright) to wield power as the first female president of the United States. With Spacey being dropped from the show following sexual misconduct allegations, which he denies, the showrunners were left with the daunting task of rewriting the final series without their co-lead.

Can they also figure out a way to end the show on a high note? Joining Wright in that mission are the talented Diane Lane and Greg Kinnear as The Shepherds: a brother-sister team operating in the political shadows, along with their son (played by Cody Fern). Watch the trailer here. Premieres 2 November on Netflix (Credit: Netflix)


Presented by Sir David Attenborough, Dynasties follows the true stories of five of the world’s most celebrated, yet endangered, animals. Each episode follows lions, painted wolves, chimps, tigers, and emperor penguins at the most critical period in their lives. Each is a ruler, determined to hold on to power, protect their family and their territory.

The odds are stacked against them – our planet is changing at an extraordinary rate and the habitats these animals live in are under increasing pressure, not least from the impact of humans. Watch the trailer here. Premieres 11 November on BBC One (Credit: BBC One)

Warrior (Kriger)

Fans of Scandinavian TV will recognise Dar Salim from Below the Surface and Dicte, and in this six-part Danish drama Salim plays a suffering war veteran called CC who becomes intertwined in a complicated love story with police investigator Louise (Danica Curcic).

CC returns home to Denmark from active service, but he is plagued by guilt over his final mission, when his best friend Peter was killed. Teaming up with Peter’s widow Louise, CC soon finds himself infiltrating a Copenhagen biker gang and caught in a dangerous battle between them and the police determined to take them down. Watch the trailer here. Premieres 13 November on Netflix (Credit: Netflix)


The second season of the comedy series written and directed by Steve Conrad (The Secret Life of Walter Mitty) follows melancholic US intelligence officer John Tavner (Michael Dorman), who works out his issues by writing folk songs. After barely surviving his Midwestern corporate cover story in the first season, John finds himself without his bag of 11m euros and no closer to the goal of influencing the presidential election.

As a result, John’s father Tom (Lost’s Terry O’Quinn) orders the assassination of the pro-nuclear candidate in a heavily-guarded Paris compound. John is the linchpin of a high-stakes covert operation with profound global ramifications, and he’s bringing his mum Bernice (Terms of Endearment star Debra Winger) with him. Watch the trailer here. Premieres 9 November on Amazon Prime Video (Credit: Amazon Prime Video)

Death and Nightingales

The three-part drama adapted and directed by Allan Cubitt (The Fall) is set over a desperately tense 24-hour period – it’s the 23rd birthday of Beth Winters (Ann Skelly): the day she has decided to join the charming Liam Ward (Jamie Dornan) and escape from her limited life and difficult and complex relationship with her Protestant landowner stepfather Billy (Matthew Rhys).

Based on Eugene McCabe’s modern Irish classic, Death and Nightingales is a riveting story of love, betrayal, deception and revenge, set in the countryside of Fermanagh in 1885. A place where neighbours observe each other and inform; a world of spies, confessions and double dealing, where a pervading sense of beauty is shot through with menace and impending doom. Premieres November on BBC Two (Credit: BBC Two)


Synnøve Karlsen returns as university student Holly, who in the first season of the psychological thriller was drawn into an elite clique of ambitious but troubled young women. In the second series from Skins writer Jess Brittain, we find Holly living in a house share with Louise (Sophia Brown), trying to put the past behind her when she encounters a band of brothers, who have a no-nonsense attitude to what they see as a patronising university administration.

When the young men become involved in a campus-wide scandal, Holly is torn between her feelings for them and the unnerving sense that something darker is at play. And from within the secure unit where she ended the first series, psychopath Rachel (Rachel Hurd-Wood) is still keeping her obsessive gaze on Holly. Premieres November on BBC Three (Credit: BBC Three)

Killer by the Lake

A follow-up to hit French thriller Vanished by the Lake, this series revisits troubled detective Lise (Julie de Bona) who has started a new life with her husband and baby 200 miles away – but this happy, rural idyll is suddenly shattered with the discovery of two bodies found within two days, and Lise is placed as lead detective on the murder case.

It soon becomes clear that this is the work of a twisted serial killer, and Lise must once again face her past demons. But her mother’s Alzheimer’s continues to deteriorate and her husband Clovis (Lannick Gautry) is becoming more distant. To have any chance of catching the killer, husband and wife must work together. Premieres 7 November on Channel 4/All4 (Credit: Channel 4)

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Nine TV shows to watch in November
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Nine TV shows to watch in November
With this adaptation of the hit fiction podcast of the same name, Julia Roberts becomes the latest Hollywood star to make the move to the small screen.