Tutor Doctor Champaign

GRE: Strategies and Prep class will provide an in-depth look at strategies for improving your accuracy and efficiency for answering GRE questions. Debbie Cassels, who has been a highly-rated GRE instructor in the Champaign area for many years, will teach you how to quickly assess questions, look for trick or trap questions, and engage in an interactive critical thinking approach rather than a rote mechanical approach to questions. Special attention will be given to writing effective essays for the Issue and Argument tasks of the test.

Classes will be held at Champaign County Chamber of Commerce 303 W Kirby Ave, Champaign IL on Mondays and Thursdays. Students may choose a Morning Class (10-12) or an Afternoon Class (1-3).

Cost is $495 and early registration is $450 before June 1st 2018.

Sign up online at tutordoctor.com/champaign. Click the tab “Test Prep Registration.”

Any questions email shess@tutordoctor.com or call (217)418-4746.