The Ten Levels of Loneliness

After leaving my friends and family behind to go abroad, I was excited for this new experience! However, I did not know how boring it could be at times.

I thought that studying abroad would be like this:

But rather, when you are abroad, you frequently find yourself eating, studying, and running errands by yourself.

An index describing levels of loneliness has circulated online and it can be found bellow:

The First Level: Shopping by yourself

Going shopping by yourself quickly reminds you that this is a chore and rather than an activity.

The Second Level: Eating by yourself

Eating seems more like a necessity and you miss the enjoyment of trying new foods with your friends.

The Third Level: Drinking coffee by yourself

No one to chat with.  The only thing you can do is reading magazine or listen to music with headphones.

Who doesn’t want to have a person to drink coffee and talk with?

The Fourth Level: watching movie by yourself

Looking at the couples around you feeding each other popcorn to make you even sadder.

The Fifth level: Eating hotpot by yourself

Eating hotpot to enjoy flavors from home when the waiter politely asks “How many?” and you have to respond “Just one”

The Sixth Level: Going to KTV by yourself

You get drunk by yourself.

You are the only one in the big room. No matter how badly you sing, there’s no one to joke with.

The Seventh Level: Going to beach by yourself

“Listen to the voice of the sea …”

You start to relax and think of good memories that make you homesick.

The Eighth Level: Going to the park by yourself

Two seats in a cart, they all come with friends.

Only my side is empty, only my side..

The ninth level: moving by yourself

Having to do a job for a crew by yourself can be difficult. It is also sad not being able to share the excitement of change with your friends.

Tenth grade: Going hospital by yourself

Honestly, Not many feelings worse than this.


Being an international student often feels lonely.

We asked a few students about their experience bellow.

@Li: when I feel bored, I tell jokes to myself, and sometimes I actually make myself laugh.

Some people even change their diet because of boredom.

@ Rourou: I had eight ham bread for one meal, had to look everywhere to find stomach medicine after that. . . .

@ Zoua zou: I bought six different flavors of instant noodles, and cooked them all and put them on the table. Like food presenters, one by one, tasted them and added comments, also took video and sent to friends and family.

Some foreign students enjoy their classes a lot:

At least you have people around in class.

@ss: When I first got bored I thought learning was the happiest thing. . .

@ Journeying love: the library is my home now, for the first time that learning is so joyful, I’m looking forward to class!

But loneliness also has good results

For example, some students become more fit

@ Xiaoya: Go to the gym to get rid of loneliness. The first successful weight loss attempt in many years.

Finally send everyone a word:

The road is always full of loneliness, because intelligence must come from loneliness, learning to be alone is the beginning of growth!

Songzi Li/ Editing Manager

The Ten Levels of Loneliness
Article Name
The Ten Levels of Loneliness
After leaving my friends and family behind to go abroad, I was excited for this new experience! However, I did not know how boring it could be at times.
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Asian Campus Tribune