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The IIP Scholarships are a collection of donor-funded and memorial scholarships for students participating in pre-approved study abroad programs. All IIP scholarships are open to undergraduate students and some are also open to graduate students.   […]

What is 5G?

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by David Goldman   @DavidGoldmanCNNJanuary 29, 2018: 3:24 PM ET 5G will be the lifeblood of the new economy. Self-driving cars, virtual reality, smart cities and networked robots will all be powered by 5G networks someday soon. 5G […]


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Research from UD’s John D’Arcy finds that cranky employees more likely to violate cybersecurity policies. As professionals return to work after holidays, their moods are undoubtedly affected by the emotional impact of their holiday experiences, […]

Inventors & Innovators: Riyi Shi

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Purdue graduates continue to develop innovations and breakthroughs that help move the world forward. Purdue Today will highlight these inventors and innovators by featuring two each month in the Purdue Today newsletter and on social media. […]

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