One Easton Apartments: Live Above the Rest

East Main Street in Newark, Delaware has never looked better with the recent addition of high-end apartment complex, One Easton Apartments. After knocking down the bowling alley at the Newark Shopping Center, one of the finest housing options in the city has successfully housed students of University of Delaware in their first year and is now ready to lease out to tenants for the year 2018-2019.

“Personally speaking, this is going to be one of the last big apartment complexes to go up in the area. There is nowhere else that is close to campus to build” said Brian Mahon, the community assistance of One Easton Apartments.

One Easton Apartments boasts hotel-like appearance when walking into the building and the newest indoor and outdoor amenities. On the outside, heated pavilion, 80” TV, a fireplace, ping pong tables and so much more are available for the residents to kick back and relax. On the inside, well-equipped gym, study lounge with Mac PC, color printers, and wellness bar featuring healthy snacks and drinks are lined up, ready to be used. All of these are available 24/7 to its tenants free of charge. For the sake of safety, everything in the building including the parking garage is fob controlled.

“If you are looking for a 2 bedroom, ours are the best” said Mahon with confidence. There are total of 220 units in the complex and each room has 2 bedrooms with individual bathrooms and closets. All of the rooms are completely furnished with TV, washer and dryer, refrigerator and all the bills and utilities are included in the rent.

One Easton follows “one head to a bed” policy, which was set by the city of Newark. This means that every single tenant who lives in the complex has their own lease and cannot split the cost to have more than two people in one unit. “But if your roommate was short on rent for one month, it wouldn’t affect you what so ever” Mahon explained.

In the beginning, the luxury complex had difficulty selling spaces. “We used to be located at the end of the shopping center. We were at a temporary leasing office. So it was kind of difficult to sell something that you can’t show people. We had renderings of the building, tons of pictures, videos but there’s nothing like taking the actual tour of the building you’re gonna live in. So it was little difficult selling the apartments when we weren’t allowed in the construction site” explained Mahon.

Now, they are experiencing successful business around the campus of University of Delaware. They owe special thanks to their biggest competition being crossed off in the real-estate game by the delay of construction. This has left numerous students homeless at the beginning of the Fall semester and head their way to One Easton Apartments. Countless potential tenants come for tour of the apartments and walk out amazed by the finest amenities you have never seen in Newark.

But students showed concerns regarding the cost and the distance of the complex. “I think it will bring good business to the area. But I probably wouldn’t live there, just because I couldn’t afford it. And it’s too far.” said senior Allie Chapman. “It’s all about the money. If it is cheaper than the Courtyards, then that would be better.”

“It is similar price to on-campus housing.” said Mahon about the high cost of the complex. “People have to take into account when they sign a lease with us that all of your utilities, cable, internet, trash and water are all included. So it is nice that there is no hidden cost when you sign with us” He also added on the distance issue among students that One Easton is only 7 minutes’ walk from Trabant University Center on campus. Despite some concerns, One Easton Apartments stay hopeful for their success around the campus.


Hae Soo Yang/ Intern Reporter

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One Easton Apartments: Live Above the Rest